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Observe National Facial Protection Month and Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Featured products of the month – Discounted 15 percent through April 30

Product of the Month

Treatment of Facial Injury Patient Information Pamphlet

Offer patients the brochure that provides:

  • An emphasis on prevention as the best policy for avoiding facial trauma
  • A detailed list of necessary safety equipment for popular athletic activities and criteria for the effective fitting of mouth guards
  • A first aid information card for patients to reference in case of emergency
  • A Spanish-language version
Product of the Month

Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Patient Information Pamphlet

Stock your practice with the brochure that offers:

  • A detailed description of factors that may cause oral, head and neck cancer, symptoms to look for and the importance of early detection through self-examinations
  • A detachable oral cancer self-exam guide to encourage monthly at-home checks
  • A Spanish-language version

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