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OMS Reference Guide, 5th Edition

Office Design and Construction for the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, 3rd Edition

Building a new practice or updating your current practice? Purchase the manual that includes:

  • Eight image-filled case studies.
  • Steps to define your project, manage a schedule and budget.
  • Ideas to comply with green building standards.

Member: $189

Discount of the Month

Office Anesthesia Evaluation Manual e-Book, 9th Edition

Office Anesthesia Evaluation Manual e-Book, 9th Edition

Discover the benefits of the Office Anesthesia Evaluation (OAE) Manual e-Book. This digital format of the OAE allows easy access to essential information using an electronic device. The e-Book contains the same content as the print manual to help members comply with AAOMS OAE requirements and features:

  • Information on managing the pediatric patient.
  • Emergency protocols with mock drills.
  • OMS-specific flowcharts for perioperative and intraoperative airway problems.
  • Patient selection tools to identify those with increased risk.
  • Standards for evaluator preparation to ensure consistent evaluations.

Anesthesia assistants studying for the Dental Anesthesia Assistant National Certification Examination (DAANCE) also may benefit from this manual.

Member price: $105 $89.25

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